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Who we are

BrainStation is an interactive, scientific, student development workshop designed to bring the study of the brain to children in elementary school. Brown University neuroscience graduate student, Alex Ian More, created BrainStation in order to mentor students while communicating the significance and potential of the brain. 

What we do


BrainStation is a nonprofit organization providing free student development workshops to elementary students on the local, state, and eventually national and international levels. The program forms partnerships with public, private, and charter elementary schools to inform students about brain science and mental illness. 

Why we do it


BrainStation’s mission is to increase awareness of the brain and mental illness systematically by educating children during the earliest years of elementary school. The United States public school system fails to address the study of the nervous system in its curriculum. Teaching children about the brain during their early development will help them to understand how the brain functions properly and will help to reduce stigmas and biases associated with mental illness. 


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